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We all know the importance of recycling. Taking care of our planet is taking care of our future.

Look for this recycle bin!

And what’s more, recycling is now made easy with our recycle bins found in any licenced shop ask any cashier if they have to Recycle your Vape bins. And soon in office buildings, large condominiums, universities, pubs, terraces, etc. In any other place where it is necessary or requested our presence there we will be with our bins with love to our planet earth.You can recycle your vape and vaping products in the recycle bin. By doing so, you are contributing to care our home. Vape and vaping products are made of materials that can be recycled and turned into new products. So, recycle your vape and vaping products today at Recycle your Vape bins! And help us to preserve the earth to enjoy a better tomorrow.♻️

What gases does the plastics industry emit?

The plastics industry is responsible for emitting more than 1.34 gigatons of gases per year, equivalent to what would be emitted by 295 coal-fired power plants of 500 megawatts each,”… according to Plastics and Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet…”

For this reason it is more than important to recycle the vapes and all their components. In this way we contribute and help to the non-proliferation of plastic waste. That’s why Recycleyourvape based in London is a solution to this problem.

We are Here
In London

1.- Post Street Store :   44 Post Street, Huntingdon, PE29 2AQ

2.- Sunningdale Store:   95 Sunningdale, Grantham,  NG31 9SB

3.-  ST. John´s Road Store :  Grantham 5-6 ST. John´s Road Sheffield, S2 5JX. 

4.- ST Leys Road Store :  34-36 Leys Road ST. Neots, PE19 1ES. 

5.- Parkway Store :   11 Parkway. ST. Nets, PE19 6PA. 

6.- ST Peter Road Store : ST Peter Road  March, PE15 9NA. 

7.- Elm Road Store :  140-142 Elm Road, PE13 2SG.

8.- Broadlands Store :  39 ; Broadlands Desborougth ketterring NN14 2th .

9.- Donnington Store :  12 High Street  Donnington,  PE11 4TA. 

10.- Bramley Road Store:  4-6 Bramley Road Handsworth, Sheffield,  S13 8UA. 

11.- Cottenham Store :   288 High street Cottenham NG31 8TX. 

12.- Great Gonerby Store :  4 High street, Great Gonerby, Grantham,  NG31 8JP

13.- Hemingford Store :  12 High street,  Hemingford, PE28 9DR

14.- Lynholmes Road Store :  Lynholmes Road Matlock,  DE4 3DW.         

15.- Springfield Road Store : 13 -15 Springfield Road Grantham, NG31 7AE. 

16.- Harlaxton Road Store : 93 Harlaxton Road Grantham, NG31 7AE

17.- Gostwick Road Store : 26 Gostwick Rd,  MK42 9XD

18.- Hinchingbrooke Store : 3-5 Cromwell Drive Huntingdon,  PE29 6JA. 

19.- Meads News :  65 Leather Lane,  London, EC1N 7TJ.

20.- 151 Ladbroke Grove :  London, W10  6HJ. 

21.- 175b North End Road : West Kensington,  W149 NL

22.- Ewhurst Village Club : 1a Ockley Road, Ewhurst Surrey,  GU6 7QF.

We love the planet and recycle your vape is a tool through which we show how much we care about the environment and that is the main reason for this initiative. We know that many people around the UK are concerned about the environmental impact of vaping, but with our recycling program, you can enjoy your vape without worrying about the Planet. Recycle your used vape products with us and not only will you be helping to take care the planet, you will also be an active part of all the benefits and discounts on our products.

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Very soon, a product that will change the way you recycle vapes, even from the comfort of your home

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