Our loyal Sponsors

Our sponsors are at the heart of what we do. Without them we would cease to exist. It will always be a pleasure to count on them

These are the people and companies who together with you who use our bins to deposit your devices support us. They love the planet like you like us and contribute to make our idea grow and grow every day helping our planet from the love and respect we feel for it. 

Calling All Environmental Champions: Become a Sponsor.

At Recycle Your Vape, we’re on a mission to make a lasting impact on our planet. We’re actively seeking visionary companies to join us as sponsors, amplifying our message of responsible recycling and sustainability.

If your company is dedicated to promoting eco-conscious practices, supporting recycling, or eager to collaborate on reducing pollution, we invite you to be part of this vital journey. Our medium bins, strategically placed across diverse locations in the UK, offer a unique canvas for your brand.

 By sponsoring a bin, you’re not only showcasing your commitment to a greener future but also directly contributing to the non-pollution of our planet. Our reach extends beyond borders, making this an opportunity for companies anywhere to make a meaningful difference.
Join us in this impactful endeavor and let our planet know your name. Explore our sponsorship options today and be a catalyst for positive change. Together, we’ll create a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Thank you for considering this vital partnership.”


We love the planet and recycle your vape is a tool through which we show how much we care about the environment and that is the main reason for this initiative. We know that many people around the UK are concerned about the environmental impact of vaping, but with our recycling program, you can enjoy your vape without worrying about the Planet. Recycle your used vape products with us and not only will you be helping to take care the planet, you will also be an active part of all the benefits and discounts on our products.

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Very soon, a product that will change the way you recycle vapes, even from the comfort of your home

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